• [reality] daytime tension immersion

    I spent most of my day perched in front of my computer.  I spoke to a number of delicious humans, desiring heated attention and providing much of the same.

    I took a break here and there to take care of life, but mostly, I sat panting and aroused.

    I made a call in the afternoon, breathing heavily into the ear of a man unable to reciprocate.  I came, breathy and warm under my blankets.
    Work is bondage as much as any rope I might tie or command I might give.  He promised me he’d take care of it later.  An offering to the washroom gods, methinks.

    He did and he told me how explosive it was.

    I envy the ejaculators.  I can squirt when I come, but it’s different.  It goes all over.  I can’t aim it.  

    I want to be there when it happens.  When the come flies free and the orgasm tears out of the throat, a gasping, screaming release.  I adore the orgasm.  Watching someone else in the deepest throes of passion, well, it has no comparison.

    Not a one.


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