• [fantasy] oh you good little girl

    Good girls don’t do naughty things like touch men’s cocks and lick them.  They don’t fondle themselves for people to see.  They behave.

    I’ve got this thing for sweet and meek, sometimes.  It’s all fantasy, yes.  People who are really taken advantage of aren’t sexy at all.  But, when it’s play, oh what fine play it is.

    (I’ll be honest, sometimes I feel a little cheesy writing like this, but it gets me going to do it.  I hope it gets you off too!)


    I bite my lip when you ask me to touch you.  I glance down, nervous. 

    I tell you, “I shouldn’t.  I’ve never done anything like that before.”

    You assure me, it’s okay.  You promise you won’t tell anyone.  You promise you’ll be nice to me.  You wouldn’t hurt me.

    I ask, “Are you sure?” and I look you in the eye.

    You tilt my head back and you kiss me gently.  You lay my hand on your cock, holding yours over mine, reassuring me that it’s okay to stroke you.

    There’s a little pre-come.  You ask me to taste it.  I hesitate and glance at you.  Again, you urge me on.  It’s alright.

    You taste slick, a little salty.  I can feel myself getting moist and flush between my legs.

    I moan a little and tentatively put your penis in my mouth.  I let it fill my lips and press my tongue down, the head sliding back into my throat.  I gag a little.

    "It’s too much!"  I protest.

    It’s not too much and you press my head down again and I behave.  I let it fill my mouth again and it’s a little easier this time.  I’m getting excited, but I’m still pretending to be nervous.
    I move my head up and down, my lips gripping you tightly and my tongue teasing the little place under your head.  Your “frenulum”. It excites you and I love the power I can feel in this.

    You shift and slide a hand on my thigh toward the short curls of my hair.  I look up and you and again, I need to be coaxed into this. 
    You lightly slide a finger between my swollen outer labia and find me wet, slick, hot.  You move more boldly, a second finger aligned with the first and spread my lips to slip around my clit.
    I stop what I’m doing.  I look a little scared, again.  I nibble a lip and just stare at you.

    Once more, you urge me back to your straining cock, hot from the blood pumping inside you, your own pulse racing with need. 

    You change your tack and tell me to get to my knees.  I follow your instructions.  You make me turn away from you, presenting my arousal and showing it off for you.

    My buttocks spread slightly in this position.  You can see my anus spasming slightly as I’m nervous being so exposed.  My pussy is moist and very ready, but you tease me further by not touching me at all.

    I groan, “It aches!  Is it supposed to do that?” 

    You assure me that this sort of thing happens.  It feels good.  You tell me to go with it, that it means I’m ready.

    "Ready for what?"

    And you place a hand on my hip and your thumb on the other penetrates me slowly, your middle and index fingers gently stroking me on the clitoris.  You begin to rock my body onto your hand, fucking me with your fingers and making me feel flushed and warm and crazy all over.  I’m gasping now and it’s only with pleasure.

    You withdraw your hand and tell me to stay still.  My eyes are a bit wild and I’m not sure what to expect.  I start to turn and you tell me firmly not to move.  I listen, but I don’t know what to think.

    You stretch yourself over me, grasping my breasts from behind me.  I can feel the hard weight of your cock pressed against my buttocks and partly against my lips.  You rub at my nipples and I can barely hold myself up, feeling overwhelmed.

    Your hands cup and rub and pull on my breasts, feeling their weight, almost judging them.  You let me go and gently rake your nails over my back and I let out a pleased hiss of sound when you spread me open to expose me again.

    I don’t expect you to dip your head down and broadly sweep your tongue over my juices and flesh.  I don’t think anything in the world would make me resist what you’re offering me now and I let you suck and lap at me while I moan and move my hips for you.

    Finally, you kneel back and I let out a slightly disappointed whimper.

    I want you to fuck me.  You want me to ask you for it.

    "Fuck me!"  I demand and you slap my right ass cheek with an open hand.  I’m shocked and you lace your fingers into my hair and tug my head back, just rough enough.  You tell me to ask you for it, to beg you for it.

    I beg.

    "Please fuck me?  I’ve been a good girl?  Please?"

    You make me beg a little more.  I beg a little more.

    You let go of my hair, smoothing it and stroking my skin with care before you mount me.  I can feel the head of your cock sliding over my lips and still you’re teasing me before you slide inside of me, painfully slow.

    My breathing is heavy with arousal.  My skin is warm and flush.  I perspire a bit with the tension and I rock back into your hips as you take me.

    You hold me steady and pull back as slow as you went in.  You’re making me completely insane with the need to be satisfied.  I can’t understand how you can deal with this.

    I beg a little more, hoping for some sort of release.

    You pull out and turn me on my back.  I look at you coyly and smile before you pull me by the thighs up against your groin and you penetrate me fast this time.

    I close my eyes and let my head loll a bit as you fuck into my pussy over and over, groaning with your own need for orgasm, now.  Your own careful demeanor is lost in your lust.

    I open my eyes and reach my hand down to rub at my clit while you stroke yourself inside the tight, hot walls of my pussy and it feels explosive.  I watch you and you watch me and we fuck one another and we fuck ourselves.

    I can feel my orgasm building and I can feel your cock hardening, swelling inside me.  I can feel the head of your penis stroke every time you thrust into me and it pushes me over the edge.  I squeeze tightly around you and you let out a grateful yell, ejaculating inside me, filling me up with come and cock and pleasure.

    I gently ask, “Is it like that every time?”

    You laugh and tell me it’s not, but it’s always the idea.

    "Will you fuck me like that again?"  I grin and feign a bashful look.

    You assure me you will.  Over and over.


    ;)  I hope you enjoyed the ride. I most definitely will when I go to bed.  Everyone needs a little self-love!

  • [fantasy] A Bisexual Fit For Two

    My fantasy mind is oft rooted in the realm of my kinks.  Some kinks are better left to the mind than realization.  Disappointment is no fun.

    I commonly find myself reaching between my thighs and imagining two men and myself between them.  I’d have a phallus in my mouth and a cock in my pussy, both fucking me and filling me to bursting with a palpable lusty heat.

    I imagine heavy-handed groping and objectification of my breasts.  Nipples being tested and pinched. Gently pulled.  Fingers digging into my hips and feeling the heavy sway of testicles on the verge of orgasm, swinging and slapping at my labia while they fuck me from behind.

    I want to be on my back, like a pornstar, when they come on my open mouth and my sensitive breasts. 

    I sometimes imagine more men than just two.  A whole crowd of hands stroking and teasing and pinching my skin, bringing the blood to the surface.  But that’s another fantasy.

    Variation on a theme would include a physically female person wearing a strap on.  Gender male or female. It doesn’t matter as long as they get off on having a dick, making me suck it and stuffing me full of it.



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